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Wheres Howie - 22nd Century CD Cover

22nd Century

22nd century on Eastern European compilation CD

What the Media are saying about 22nd Century:

“The bands three members, Duane Chaos, Tim Plommer and Zippy Pinhead, have really merged their musical direction. The songwriting is really strong in Teenage Underwear Model and California as well as the title track, Where’s Howie.  When I first heard U Generation it reminded me of The Who’s earlier live performances. It is a song that basically kicks you in the face from start to finish”.

Eddy Bugnut, Bugnut Records

"This band could be the next Foo Fighters! They sort of sit in that pocket of Green Day/Foo Fighters and crank out high energy, honest rock!"
Doug Manson

"22nd Century...makes up one complete juggernaut firing off on all cylinders... a high energy fun CD to listen to and it never gets old because it sounds fresh, loud!"

"Tim Plommer (guitar/vocals), Duane Chaos (bass/vocals) and Zippy Pinhead (drums/percussion) deliver a full-fledged musical smackdown with their self-titled release. Gut busting guitar, thundering bass and powerful percussion set the stage for Plommer’s angst laden vocals that are one part pissed off punk and one part grunge master general."
Froglix, 2009

"Good song(s)...well produced...memorable"

"22nd Century’s hard punching and sometimes comical style is a mixture of Ramones style power punk with a healthy dose of 1990’s grunge."
The Association of Rock and Roll Podcasts

"Tim can shred a guitar,
Duane is solid on the
bass and Zippy is nothing
but professional on the kit."
The Auralkinetic, Fall 2009

“Take a riff-driven band with an impressive low-end churn, backed up by mayhem-educing percussion delivered by Zippy Pinhead, and there is no denying the catchy, arena ready hooks that this band effortlessly cranks out……22nd Century is simply a no frills, straight up rock band whose songs are tailor made for popular rock radio.”
Bridgette Oliver, (October 15th, 2009)

"Their debut CD was produced by legendary music producer John Webster (Aerosmith, Cher, The Cult) and has garnered attention, including honorable mention in Billboard’s 2009 song writing contest."
IndieZine, Dec 2009


Band History:

22nd Century is comprised of three hardened veterans of the West Coast music scene. Having paid their dues, Duane Chaos, Tim Plommer and Zippy Pinhead have focused on creating a return to rock as evidenced by their second studio CD Where's Howie?!!.

22nd Century’s debut CD was produced by legendary music producer John Webster (Aerosmith, Cher, The Cult) and has garnered attention, including honorable mention in Billboard’s 2009 song writing contest. The trio has stuck to playing venues on the West Coast of North America (from LA to Vancouver) but will seek to expand their reach to
Europe and Asia in 2010. The band is currently writing for their second album,
due out in 2010, which will include remakes of Martha and the Muffins “Echo
Beach” and Angel City’s “No Secrets”.


Back in high school, drummer Zippy Pinhead formed the Stiffs with Gerry Useless (who later formed the Subhumans) and Mike Normal; later forming “Sgt. Nick Penis and the Brassball Battalion” with D.O.A. founders Randy Rampage and Chuck Biscuits.

Sgt Nick Penis  

Photo (right) - Sgt. Nick Penis with Biscuits on Guitar Vancouver fuck band Sgt. Nick Penis & the Brass Ball Battalion.

Lineup consisted of Randy Rampage (vox); Chuck Biscuits (guitar); Brad Kent (bass); and Zippy Pinhead (drums).
Band went onto become The Sick Ones. 1981 with Benny Doro replacing Chuck Biscuits.

PHOTO: Bev Davies

While still in Victoria, Duane met Zippy (via Benny Doro) while playing bass for soon to be star Chrissy Steele. Zippy went on to move to San Francisco to play with the influential band K.G.B. before returning to Vancouver to join D.O.A. Over the next 6 years, Zippy Pinhead shifted between Vancouver and California playing in some well known bands (The Dils, Art Bergman, The Mutants, Los Popularos, Black Molly’s, Beat Farmers and The Fiends) and even appeared on music videos with Sheena Easton and Rick Springfield.

Duane had pursued a metal career and ended up in an influential heavy metal band Ace Koden. The band was comrpised of Kurt Phillips (Warhag, Wicthkiller) and Tommy Gunns from Reform School. Ace Koden enjoyed popularity yet imploded before being able to record a CD.

Ace Koden

Ace Koden (circa 1985) - Tony "Thunderfoot" Melizza, Tommy Gunns, Kurt "Rivethead" Phillips, Duane Chaos (aka "Duane Nickull" at the time). Photo credit: Paul Martins

Duane left the music scene for a while to pursue a career in professional cycling after leaving recording band Centerfold when the band’s funding vanished. He returned to music nearly a decade later after joining up with Wade Morissette, brother of Alanis Morissette, to play acoustic performances.

Although distracted by his day job, Plommer still pursued his passion. He achieved music success in the summer of 1999 as a guitarist for Anthill when their debut CD spun off a song called “Child of Ambition”.

Tim Plommer with Anthill and Little Green Planet

Photo credits: Giselle Kuk

The blistering, guitar heavy, single was picked up by rock radio stations all across Western Canada. After some petty conflicts with the singer, Plommer left Anthill in 2001 to pursue a solo project called Little Green Planet. Tim worked hard on his solo CD (released 2006) while Duane played with Vancouver alt-punk band F.L.U. After taking Little Green Planet live Plommer met Chaos at a gig in late 2006 and both realized their respective projects were not where they needed to be. 22nd Century was formed soon after with original drummer, Glen G. rounding out the trio.

Duane continued playing part time for Punk-Metal band Stress Factor 9 which included former Annihilator drummer Ray Harttman and D.O.A. bass player/founder Randy Rampage. Stress Factor 9 is now relatively dormant and has no plans for touring since the fated 2007 Eastern US tour which left Duane Chaos, Frank Fright and Kick stranded in Philadelphia, US.

Stress Factor 9 - Ray Hartmann, Frank Fright, Kick, Randy Rampage and Duane Chaos

Stress Factor 9 - Ray Hartmann, Frank Fright, Kick, Randy Rampage, Duane Chaos

Glen left 22nd Century in the Spring of 2009 and after a lengthy search for a replacement, Zippy completed the trio early in the summer of 2009.

22nd Century has recently played in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver and intends to release a second CD in the spring of 2010. Subscribers Upper Right hand corner) will be notified when new tracks are available for preview in advance of the CD.

22nd Century Poster - Los Angeles, CA road trip 2009